At Mr. Gas, we’re committed to providing our customers with the top-quality fuel at a great price, that’s why we have raised the bar again by upgrading our gasoline to TOP TIER™ approved fuel.

What is TOP TIER™?

TOP TIER™ is a premier gasoline specification with high quality blend of additives that are recommended by some of the world’s top automakers –– Audi, BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Mercedes- Benz, Stellantis, Toyota, and VW.  TOP TIER™ meets stringent standards for engine cleanliness, performance, and emissions reduction.


Cleans existing engine deposits: TOP TIER™ approved fuel cleans existing gunk and deposits from your engine after just a few tanks, leading to a smoother, more efficient ride.

Optimizes fuel economy: Regular use of TOP TIER™ approved fuel prevents buildup in your engines, and helps optimize your fuel economy.

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Close up of gas pump nd fuel grade options
Regular E10 (87 Octane)

Our regular unleaded fuel features an ethanol blend of up to 10%. Ethanol is a renewable fuel source and helps prevent your vehicle gas lines from freezing in the winter months.

Mid-Grade (89 Octane)

Our Mid-Grade fuel is a blend of Super and Regular unleaded fuels.  This fuel grade may contain up to 5% ethanol.

Super (91 Octane)

Our Super grade is ideal for high-performance engines, turbocharged engines and high compression motors found on boats and snowmobiles.


We offer diesel fuel at over 95% of our locations. During the winter months at our Northern Ontario sites, we ensure that only winter diesel is sold, as this offers  better protection against gelling and condensation build up in your fuel tank. All of our diesel fuel formulated to meet or exceed all fuel requirements and is formulated as Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel to reduce emissions.

Medium shot of gas pumps at Mr. Gas station